During this corona crisis

I have tickets to a show up and including May 31st. When do I hear from Luxor?

We e-mailed all ticket buyers on March 25th. We used the e-mailaddress that tickets were bought with. Be sure to check your spamfilter if you didn't receive an e-mail. Customers without an e-mail address were called.
Maybe you bought your tickets to a Luxor show somewhere else, like NTK, Eventim or Ticketmaster. They will inform you on the show and your tickets. If you bought your tickets with us, we will in inform you. 
On this page  you can check which shows are rescheduled.


Why do I get a Luxor Tegoedbon (voucher)? 

Of course we hope you will visit Luxor Theatre another time. With the voucher you can pay for that visit.  

We hope that we can resist the economic impact the corona measures will have. More than 80% of our income are from public, the rest come  from subsidies and sponsoring. The subsidy we get is too small to keep our business up and running. Most of our income is gone sinds March 11th. 

With the Luxor voucher we create financial space to keep our staff employed and to work on new shows, which you can enjoy in the future. With this settlement not only Luxor, its producers and its artists are helped, but also all those people behind the scenes, like box office or catering employees, set builders, technicians, script writers and directors of our artists 

This settlement is nationwide, and will be applied by all theatres, pop stages and festivals and is regocnized by ACM (Authory Consumer and Market) and by the government. 
Read the nationwide settlement ‘Ticketgelden Coronacrisis cultuur- en sportevenementen’ here (in Dutch). 

More background information on this nationale settlement, you can find here (all-in Dutch): 


When do I get a voucher? 

You get a voucher when a show is cancelled. The value is the same as your tickets (plus any transaction fees).  

 When we can reschedule a showyou can choose to receive tickets to the new show or a Luxor voucher 


What is the validity of my voucher?  

The Luxor Voucher is valid until July 1st 2022. So there is over two years time for you to buy tickets for another show you like. If you haven’t (completely) cashed your voucher by that time we will deposit the (remaining) amount to your bank account. We will be in contact in due time. 


How does the Luxor voucher work? 

When you book your tickets at the box office or by telephone, please say that you would like to pay with the voucher you receivedOur employee will ask for the Vouchercode, which is on your voucher. 

 When you book your tickets, choose for ‘Luxor waardebon’ when you reach Betaalwijze (Payment method)Then you fill in the Vouchercode which is on your voucher. 

 The value of the voucher will be deducted from the total amount of your order. If the total amount of your order is less than the value of your voucher, the remaining value is still on your voucher. 


Can I donate? 

We would love thatWith your donation we can make sure that you can enjoy great shows in Luxor Theatre in the near future. You can reply on the e-mail you will receive from us about the show we cancelled.  

Can I get my money back? 

When you haven’t (completely) used the Luxor voucher before July 1st 2022, we will be in touch about refunding your money. 

When you want your money back immediately, you have that right as a consumer. You can let us know by reacting on the e-mail you will receive from us about the show. According to the law, you will receive your money: 

  • Within 3 months after the date of the cancelled show, in case a show couldn’t be rescheduled. 
  • Within month after the date of the rescheduled show. 

We’d be very greatful however if you choose for new tickets of a Luxor voucher. Then we will be able to make wonderful shows, you can enjoy in Luxor Theatre. The government is also supporting the settlement. 


Can I  return my tickets (from June 1st) for a Luxor Voucher?  

Not at this moment. For the time being we don't take any tickets back of give a refund in vouchers. 

Just like all Dutch theatres, we can mention compensation when we know when and if shows can be rescheduled. All ticket buyers will receive an e-mail when we know more. Theatres


Will shows go on from June 1st? 

We can't answer that question. We follow all guidelines from the government and the RIVM (Netherlands National Institute for Public Health and the Environment). When new measures are announced, we will follow them. Theaters are not events that require a permit (that are cancelled untill September 1st in the pressconference of April 21st).


What can I do to support Luxor and cultural industry?

For most Dutch entrepeneurs  this is a very difficult time, als for us as a cultural company. That is why your support is important for us. You can help Luxor Theater in differtent ways: 

  • Buy tickets!
    Best thing is to keep buying tickets for future shows. A lot of shows for the next theatre season (from september 2020) are on sale. Taka a look!

  • Buy a Luxor Voucher (you decide the amount)
    The Luxor Voucher is valid limitless for all future shows in Luxor Theater. You can pay with it online, by telephone or at the box office. Or as a gift for someone!
    Buy your Luxor Voucher here

  • Buy a Podium Cadeaukaart (you decide the amount)
    The Podium Cadeaukaart is valid for 300 concert halls and (theatre) venues in Holland.
    Buy it here (Dutch)

  • Follow Luxor on social media
    With more followers we can expand our possibilities 
    Instagram  Facebook  YouTube


How can I reach Luxor Theater?

We kindly ask you to send your questions only by e-mail to
Monday - Saturday from 10:00 - 16:00 we will try to answer you as soon as possible.


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