Your rescheduled show is being rescheduled

We hope you are doing well. 
You bought tickets for a show that was rescheduled to July 2020 in Luxor Theatre. To our regret we have to inform you that this show will be cancelled again. 

The Dutch Government announced in their press conference of May 6th that from July 1st theatres may open their doors for guests to a maximum of 100 persons (including staff). For our venues with 1500 seats (new Luxor Theatre) and 900 seats (old Luxor Theatre) this is not a workable situation. 

Of course we are trying to reschedule again. When we have found a date (or when we can't) we will email you to inform you about the new date or how we compensate. 
Also we are researching the opportunities to bring theatre to you in an 1½ environment. At this moment however we can't tell if and how performances can be played. Thank you for your patience.


More information

On this part of our website you can find all shows we already informed their ticket buyers about, frequently asked questions, and links to items NOS and Radar. Also everything about the Regeling Ticketgelden Coronacrisis – Cultuur- en sportevenementen, which is approved by the Ministries of Economic Affairs, Eduction-Culture-Sience, and the Authority Consumer and Market (ACM). 

Luxor Theater at home 
We hope to welcome you right after this crisis for live theater in the old or the new Luxor Theater. Till then you can enjoy online theatre, because all performers are creative as usual but at home. If you'd like to work on your Dutch, please take a look:

Or just see our
international tips


If you have any questions of suggestions we kindly ask you to contact our box office only by e-mail: Note that it takes longer for us to respond than we usually do. 


Please take good care of one another!


Marc van Kaam
General Manager
Luxor Theater Rotterdam