Luxor Theatre Rotterdam

Luxor Theatre in Rotterdam is one of the biggest theatres in the Netherlands with two unique auditoriums: the new Luxor Theatre (over 1.500 seats) on the 'Kop van Zuid' and the old Luxor Theatre (over 900 seats) on the Kruiskade in the city centre. Both offer accessible shows in the musical, cabaret, dance, opera, concerts, drama and youth genre. Our typical Rotterdam organisation (direct, open and informal) consists of approximately 50 regular, 50 on call employees and 70 volunteers.



New Luxor Theatre
Posthumalaan 1 
3072 AG Rotterdam
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Olde Luxor Theatre
Kruiskade 10
3012 EH Rotterdam
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Box Office

Posthumalaan 1, Rotterdam
Telephone: ++31 (0)10 - 484 33 33
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Theatre technics
Old and new Luxor Theatre


If you have any questions concerning your tickets, your orders, a show or visiting our theatres please email us at kassa@luxortheater.nl. For other questions please email us at info@luxortheater.nl.


Food and drink


We have an interval package, which consists of typical Dutch food like cheese, sausage, olives or nuts. We make sure that (the drinks and) the food you ordered are waiting for you at a reserved table in our foyer. € 5,75 per person.


There's lots of restaurants in the direct neighborhood of the old and new theatre.
> Old Luxor Theatre
> New Luxor Theatre


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