Chinese Open Mic

In collaboration with Gale Comedy
za 2 mrt 2024 | 16:00 - 18:00
2 mrt 2024
16:00 - 18:00

Entry to this event is free. Want to be sure of a good spot close to the stage? Be sure to reserve your tickets via the 'Reserveer nu je gratis ticket' button!


Please note, the spoken language of this performance is Chinese! English see below.



兰有风喜剧是荷兰的第一家中文脱口秀俱乐部。有风中文开放麦是新演员尝试脱口秀和老演员打磨段子的舞台。 在开放麦,观众可以听到未经打磨的新段子,见证段子和演员的逐步成长。加入我们,放松心情,开怀大笑!





Gale Comedy is the first standup comedy club in the Netherlands with live comedy shows in Chinese! Come and experience our Chinese Open Mic, where comedians showcase their talents and unveil fresh material to an enthusiastic audience. Join us for two hours filled with gales of laughter!

Each show lasts for two hours, including a 10-minute intermission. Come and prepare to immerse yourself in an unforgettable evening of Chinese standup comedy!

About Gale Comedy

Gale Comedy, or 兰有风喜剧, is the first Chinese stand-up comedy club in the Netherlands. Gale comedy aims to bring exciting stand-up performances to the Chinese community in the Netherlands, providing audiences with resonant and laughter-filled experiences. It also serves as a platform for Chinese stand-up talents in the Netherlands to express themselves and showcase their talents.

Gale Comedy organizes three types of shows: open mic, showcases, and specials. Audiences can enjoy unpolished new material at open mics and witness the development of materials and the performers. Audiences can also enjoy more polished showcases. Gale comedy also invites comedians from China known for their hilarious specials to entertain the Chinese community in the Netherlands.

Since its debut, Gale Comedy has successfully organized nine open mic events in Rotterdam and Utrecht, as well as a showcase in The Hague. Gale Comedy has also invited established Chinese stand-up comedians to perform their solo shows in the Netherlands at the beginning of 2024!